This is where it all began...
Here is Billy Shoemaker and his Dad and sitting on his Dad's  '49 Harley Pan Head, with a '50 Hydraulic front end.  Billy's Dad was a WWII fighter pilot.  He also flew reconnaissance on the German/Russian border during the Korean Conflict.  The photo was taken shortly after his return from the Germany in 1952.
Here's the "Before" and "After" photos of our Bike # 964.  Billy bought the bike from a friend's son with about 1200 miles on it. Many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours later we have a serious Bonneville Land Speed motorcycle that we compete with in the MPS/BF 1350 cc Class (Modified Partial Streamlining/Flown Fuel).
Here's a link to an article about us and Land Speed Racing that appeared in Super Streetbike Magazine last year:

These photos are from Bonneville last year.  This particular run Billy went 243 MPH and the tire separated!  Notice the last photo of the GPS module that shows the 243 MPH appearing on it.  The vibration from the tire separation was so violent that it the GPS was thrown off the bike, and the Emergency Team retrieved it when doing a safety check on the track.
FKAWI Racing

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Texas Mile 2009

The first photo was taken at the Texas Mile in 2008 on the Red Nitrous Hayabusa - best run 222 MPH.

The second photo on black/gray Busa, was taken at the Texas Mile 2009 - best run was 237 MPH Someone managed to photograph the time clock on this one!

Pinks All Out - Ennis, TX 2009
Billy  did an exhibition run for the show and was also filmed for an interview for the Pinks Crew.
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The Lost Tribe
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